Track-Action Lupiini (Lupi)

Track-Action Lupiini

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Name Track-Action Lupiini (Lupi for her friends)
Date of Birth 15/10/2006
Registration Number LOP373264 (FIN54250/06)
Microchip 941000001280439
Ancestry Ylin Jonttu X Track-Action Certtu  (click here to view the pedigree)
Colour Brindle with white markings
Litters A
Eyes Examination

(European College of Veterinary Ophtalmologists)



Persistent Pupillary Membrane (PPM) - Unaffected 

Persistent Hyperpl. Tunica Vasculosa Lentis/Primary Vitreous (PHTVL/PHPV) - Unaffected 

Cataract (congenital) - Unaffected 

Hypoplasia-/Micropapilla - Unaffected 

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) - Unaffected 

Entropion/Truchasis - Unaffected 

Ectropion/Macroblepharon - Unaffected 

Distichiasis /Ectopic cilia - Unaffected 

Corneal dystrophy -Unaffected 

Cataract (non-congenital) - Unaffected 

Lens luxation (primary) - Unaffected 

Retinal degeneration (PRA) - Unaffected 


JE07, LPW07, JP07, PW08'09'12, Ch Port, LW08'10, BOB08'09'10'12, Ch (Pt Lt Gi Es), C.I.E.

Vencedor en la Exposición Especial del Centenario de la RSCE

Main Show Results

1X Best Puppy of Group

3X 2nd Best Puppy of Group

3X 2nd Best of Group

2X 3rd Best of Group

Ranking 2008 - 2nd Best Of Group 6

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My History

My owner fell in love with my breed as soon as she saw her first dog. But as at the time she couldn’t have any more dogs, she waited for the right time to fulfil her passion. When she could, she started looking for a good dog, with the help of some important people. She looked so much she unknowingly ended up with the breeder of the dog she fell in love with – he’s actually one of my uncles.

After Carla managed to convince my breeder that she would be a good person for me, here I came on a long plane trip from Finland to this strange (at first) country, where it was warm and people spoke a strange language! But I easily adjusted to these new people and dogs.  Did you think that here at the d'Alpetratínia kennel, I’d be afraid of the Estrelas, with all their size? It’s them that should be on the look out for me, because in my crazy sprints I don’t even bother to get away from their paws!

I also met here some more familiar dogs, Dachshunds like my breeder had. One of them, Pulga, just a bit older than I was, became my best friend. In my first days here, she thought she had to explain me that this was “her” farm. Did she think I was a threat??! But we soon became inseparable, and we do almost everything together.

My passion for analysing every scent I find on the ground caused some embarrassment to my owner in my first shows. What do you want? Am I not a scent hound? If you take a look at my pedigree, you’ll even see I have a reputation to uphold, with all the work champions! But Carla and I made a deal: I behave nicely at the shows, and she lets me sniff whatever I want outside the rings. This way we’re all happy!