Maintenance and Care of the Barbado da Terceira

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The Barbado da Terceira does not require a lot of maintenance. Most of the care regards the coat, but it is a lot less than its abundant coat might suggest.


As the breed does not undergo seasonal molting (a common trait to all bearded dogs), regular combing and brushing (weekly or at least every couple of weeks) is a must to remove dead hair, keep the skin and coat in good condition and retain its thermal isolation capability. Otherwise, the hair will tend to get entangled and get corded; this will generally require shearing for the coat to regain it’s good condition.

Material para manutenção da pelagem

Suggested material for good coat care: combs and a brush, scissors for clipping and final touches, nail clipper


There dogs do not fear the snow, as their undercoat provided good thermal insulation. However, care should be taken for them not to get soaked up.

Ch Adágio in the snow

A well cared coat will also provide good insulation during the Summer. There is the myth of clipping the coat down in this season, under the assumption that the dog feels too hot. But partial clipping will usually only cut the outer coat, when it is mainly the undercoat the responsible for thermal protection. A full clipping will expose the dogs to sun burn, and may change the coat's texture and quality (post-clipping alopecia). The image blow explains this:

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If the coat is regularly combed and brushed in order to avoid tangling and allow for good airing of the skin, no extra care should be necessary. A weekly combing and brushing will only take a few minutes and is more than enough to keep the coat in good contion:


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The following video shows how to regularly groom your pet Barbado da Teceira,so the coat and skin can remain in good health:

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Feeding should also be a thoughtful consideration. Although the breed is not particularly demanding, a good quality food will ensure a better overall aspect of dog and coat and reduce health problems on the medium and long run.

Like with every other large or medium breed dog, one should take care to avoid intense efforts at least about 30 minutes before or after feeding. Although the breed is not particularly prone to it, there is always the risk of bloat.

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It is necessary to make sure each dog can regularly spend up his great energy, preferably in activities involving its owner, as these animals are mostly oriented towards his owner’s wishes and presence. The mutual bond is thus reinforced, as well as the animal’s physical and psychological welfare. And you avoid that excessive energy s diverted to undesirable behaviors. Sporting activities – obedience, agility, flyball, etc. – are great activities for the Barbado (and its owner).

Multi-Ch Figo

Ch Adágio

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