Health issues in the Barbado da Terceira

As a relatively recent breed, little is known about health problems that may affect the Barbado. They are typically healthy sturdy animals, and usually do not require a lot of veterinary care, apart from the regular vaccination, worming and check-up schedules. However, and as they show high resistance to pain, any change in their normal behavior or appetite should be monitored, as this is usually the only sign that something is wrong.

As with other medium and large sized breeds, there is a tendency to hip dysplasia.

Based on our experience screening for hip dysplasia (i.e., testing dogs which do not yet show any clinical symptoms), we can thus knowingly say that yes, there is hip dysplasia in the breed, regardless what other breeders (who don’t screen) may say.

However, thanks to the breed’s moderate size, with a reasonably active life, dysplastic animals do not seem to be particularly affected. Actually, some of our dysplastic dogs are our most playful animals! ;)

As far as elbow displasia is concerned, none of the dogs we have screened is affected by these pathologies.

Regarding eye pathologies, as far as we know, only dogs we own or have bred have been screened. At the time of screening, none showed any pathology, namely progressive retinal atrophy or cataracts.