Work of the Barbado da Terceira

Ch Adágio preventing sheep from walking away

The Barbado da Terceira is originally a herding dog for cattle, most common in its native Island. Selection for work was done considering the bite style – low-biting (bellow the hock) dogs were used for dairy cattle and higher-biting (at the hock or above) dogs were used for wild cattle. More recently it has also been used for herding sheep and goats. This is a harder task that should be trained by experienced handlers, due to the breed’s tendency to bite reluctant animals, as small livestock is frailer than cattle.

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Ch Tejo patrolling the borders

In the recent years, the breed is being increasingly used as a pet and home guard. This is currently the function of most dogs. It is an excellent pet, always lively and seeking interaction with his owner. As a guard, it is an excellent dissuasion dog that will also not hesitate to do whatever it is necessary to keep an intruder away from his territory. However, is the dog realizes his owner, in whom he trusts, accepts the stranger, he will quickly change from guard dog to merry companion, now welcoming the previous “introduder”.

Ch Adágio playing with a stranger his owner accepted

When his owner accepts the stranger, the Barbado quickly switches from guarding to playing!

Given it's intelligence, agility and willingess to please, the breed has a lot of potential for canine sports, such as obedience, agility, trekking, etc.