Ch Duquesa-B

#1 Barbado da Terceira - All breeds ranking & Portuguese breeds ranking 2008
#3 overall Portuguese breeds ranking 2008


Duquesa-B has her place in breed history as the dog that changed the way the Portuguese cynology looked upon the Barbado da Terceira! She was also the first female to become Portuguese Champion.

Name Duquesa-B
Owner Dédalo Henrique Ribeiro da Silva
Date of Birth 29/02/2004
Registry Number LOP389088 (before RI72830)
Microchip 958000000252389
Ancestry Pastor X Duquesa  (click here to view the pedigree)
Colour Grey 
Titles PW08, Ch Port, LW08, MW08
Main Show Results

1X 2nd Best in Show

1X 4th Best in Show

1X 2nd Best of Group 1

1X Best Portuguese Breed in Show

1X 2nd Best Portuguese Breed in Show

2X 3rd Best Portuguese Breed in Show

In 20 shows, 18X Best of Brees, 1X Best Fenale

Best ranking Barbado da Terceira in 2008

Portuguese Breeds Ranking 2008 - 3rd Best Dog

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