Bruma da Casa dos Bravos

Bruma da Casa dos Bravos


Name Bruma da Casa dos Bravos
Date of Birth 27/01/2013
Registry Number RI78970
Microchip 900182000035455
Ancestry Maroto X Chamarrita (click here to view the pedigree)
Colour Gray with white markings 
Litters Bred -
Titles -
Participation in Shows

12ª Exposição Canina Especializada de Raças Portuguesas Comemorativa do Dia de Portugal - 10/06/2014 - judge Rui Oliveira - Intermediate Class - Excellent 2nd

124ª Exposição Canina Internacional de Lisboa - 12/07/2014 - judge José Cabral - Intermediate Class - Very Good 2nd

My History

I came to Aradik because my owner believes it is important to keep the breed’s genetic variability, and my bloodline is different from what she has here. Besides, my dad’s a cutie! ;)

Personally, I’m a bit shy and like to pretend I’m an independent girl, but when I feel like it, I love being cuddled.

I adopted Bola (Evereste de Aradik) and Chico (Esperto de Aradik) as my older “brothers”, and when I’m with them, life’s pretty good!