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Ch Adágio (Farrusco)

Adágio (Farrusco)

Adágio has earned his place in the history of the breed by becoming the first male Champion of Portugal!

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Name Adágio (Farrusco for his friends)
Date of Birth 18/10/2005
Date of Death 13/12/2011
Registry Number LOP389087 (RI72968)
Microchip 958000000659192
Ancestry Pastor-B X Maia  (click here to view the pedigree)
Colour Black with white spots 
Height at the withers 60 cm
Litters Bred C
Titles Ch Port
Participation in Shows Click here to see the show results
My History

My owner fell in love with my breed since she first saw her first specimen, back in 2001. However, she had to wait until she had the right conditions to have a dog of my breed. And, almost unexpectedly, I fell on her arms. João Silvino, knowing Carla’s interest on the breed, and as the d’Alpetratínia Kennel had conditions for a dog of my type, talked to their friend Dédalo and got her a great Christmas present – me!

So, at two months of age I left my native island and flew to Lisbon, where my owner went to get me. I spent my first day in the city, where I tried to explain to the Husky of one of Carla’s neighbours who was in charge; I also tried to explain to the next door neighbour that it is not nice not to like dogs (but I don’t know if I helped)! When I finally came to the d’Alpetratínia Kennel, do you think I was the least impressed by all those Estrela Mountain Dogs running loose? No way! For a week I tried to explain them that it was I who was in charge! But they kindly explained me that maybe that was no so!...

But the difference in me between then and now…If when I came here I sure was a cocky puppy, now I’m a super nice dog, a real Mary-go-round, all I want is petting and cuddling from everyone (and every dog I know)! Only if Carla goes away will I be able to give up this pleasure to follow her. I really don’t like to let her off my sight!